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Venakoa Illera
Kedobía il Lilitina
Personal Name: Venakoa
Familial Name: Illera
Cultural Title: Kedobía
Professional Title: il Lilitina

Birth: 2997 iky

Species: Lilitu
Gender: Shúthilda

Biography: Born to the Illeran royal family (second colony.) The Illerans of this period were highly estranged from Thessian Lilitai. Attended the IIT in 3040 iky and VLW in 3094 iky. Apprenticed to Locussa Didacta as a possible successor until Locussa's death in 24 tgc. Remained the Fifth Matriarch until 28 tgc, when she was ousted for gross abuse of power by the Litra il Lilití Kelmefístai (League of Elders.)

Venakoa maintained a fierce rivalry with Anastasia Dextra (Tetragnostica) over the latter's mastery of stellar and time-dilation magic, and using cryostasis, ensured she would live long enough to see the end of Anastasia's jumps through time. Was known to wield mastery over apparently animate magical pockets of total vacuum. May still be at large.

As Venakoa's death has yet to be confirmed, and no protocol was ever written to deal with the possibility that a matriarch of the Lilitai might abandon her post (an unconscionable thought to Gleméa) no matriarch has ever been appointed to replace her.